• The college library functions with the objective of providing quality service to its members and promote excellence in education by housing several latest edition books, journals, monographs, magazines etc. Library resources are available to encourage research, engage students in pleasure reading, support the curriculum, and address individual needs and interests.
  • The college has a Main Library and 08 departmental libraries that collectively support the teaching, research and extension programs.
  • The library remains functional on all working days from 7:30 a.m. in the morning till 5:30 p.m. in the evening.
  • The college library has a spacious reading room which is adequately lighted and contains furnishings appropriate to the student population.
  • It houses over 1, 11,955 books titles, subscribes to 72 Journals/periodicals and 14 newspapers in three languages.
  • It also has more than 250 educational CDs and about 20 sets of encyclopedias.
  • Students are provided with the facility of computers with high speed connectivity and access to e-journals.
  • All e-resources available on UGC-N-LIST are available to college students and staff.
  • The library is fully automated and uses Bar Code System and standard integrated Library Management Software .
  • Books for Competitive examinations are issued to the students.
  • Book exhibitions on campus are organized from time to time.
  • Faculty members encourage their research scholars to use e-resources hosted through INFLIBNET services.
  • Our library has a novel DOOR (Digital Online Offline Resources) facility for students and we have a blog ( http://psgvplib.blogspot.com ).
  • The college library also has a Book Bank facility available to students that provide books for the whole session to needy students.

The central Library has the following facilities:

  • Access e-books and e-journals
  • Reference books
  • Periodicals, journals, magazines
  • Separate study room for researchers
  • Reprographic facilities:
    • a) Computers
    • b) Bar code printer
    • c) Printer
    • d) Scanner
    • e) Photo copying machine
  • Competitive Exam Section-Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Vachan Katta
  • Innovative DOOR- Digital Online Offline Resources

Number of books, reference books, journals, e-books in library .

Nos. Amount(Rs)
Text Books 70,437 35,20,810
Reference Books 43,821 29,36,289
e-Books 1,35,180 5,000
Journals & Periodicals 422 4,09,005
e-Journals 6,000 5,000
Digital Database 60 6,300
CD & DVD 160 3100

Engineering College Library:

The college library is well-stocked, easy to access for the student & faculty members. The total area of the library is 670.04 sq.m. There are 9084 titles and 44210 books in Library.There are Two books issuing counters. Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system is used for arrangement of books. College procured Library Management System(Lib-Man ©) Licensed by MasterSoft ERP Solution Pvt Ltd. Nagpur is for automation of library. Library subscribed 44 national & international journals covering all engineering and Interdisciplinary , National & International E-journals J-Gate and DelNet Subscribed to Promote Research interest among Students and Staff. Collection of NPTEL videos, Subjects study material and Software/Tools made available to students in forms of CD/DVD.

The Library Timing is 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM , Night Reading Room facility is provided in Examination session. There is book bank facility for first year Engineering students on First come First Serve Basis for 100 Students particularly for backward class studets . Inter Library Loan (ILL) facility is made in collaboration with some of the institutions like Arts, Science & Commerce, College of Education, Engineering, Polytechnic, and Pharmacy College of Agriculture.

Sr. No. Department wise Distribution of Books Number of Titles Number of Books Available in the Library Total Books Cost (Rs.)
1 Civil Engineering 1048 6490 10,35,136
2 Computer Engineering/IT 2294 6425 17,66,844
3 Electrical Engineering 685 3902 7,73,676
4 Electronics &Telecommunication Engineering 1720 7351 17,16,292
5 Mechanical Engineering 1413 7740 15,06,602
6 Instrumentation Engineering 347 1526 3,70,397
7 Applied Sciences (Humanities) 610 8197 11,34,781
8 General 967 2579 8,03,283
Total 9084 44210 91,07,011

Pharmacy College Library:

The college library is well-stocked, easy to access for the student & faculty members. A digital library is also being introduced to further strengthen for the optimal benefits of the students. The library is well equipped with audio- visual aids, reprographics. & about 75 national & international journals etc.

The Library has 36,000 books costing Rs. 52 lacks; there is separate reading room for boys and girls, as well as for teaching staff and non-teaching staff. All required books are available in the library. National & International journals are regularly available in the library.

The Library is open from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM there is book bank facility for first year students.

The library Occupies 1804 sq. mtr. Area. Magazine section, Reference Section, Staff reading hall, Library Office, Book distribution section etc. The Institute also has central library for student of various college like Arts, Science & Commerce, College of Education, Engineering, Polytechnic, and Pharmacy College of Agriculture.

Number of books, reference books, journals, e-books in library:
Sr. No. 1 2 3 4
Title No. of Title No. of Books Chemical Abstract Book Bank for Category Students
Chemical Abstract Analytical Abstract Book Bank Samaj Kalyan Book Bank
Qty. 1112 4110 1210 217 450 186

College of Agriculture Library:

Total text books                      : 3745

Total Reference books            : 1719

Agricultural Magazines           : 07

Research Journals                   : 06

News Papers                            : 06

Internet Facility                       : Available

JRF/NET/CET EXAM books      : 263

Question paper sets: – Available of all courses of all semesters.

Student Consumer store:-Under this facility students can purchase Krishi Darshani, Theory notes, Practical manuals, Uniform (college dress code) & RAWE schedule sets & files etc.

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